Credit rating

Credit Rating

Your credit rating or credit score is a number that is used by lenders to help decide whether they can give you a loan or credit card based on your repayment and borrowing history. All of your financial pros and […]

Friends and family debt

Debts to friends and family

If you’re looking to borrow money from family or friends, it’s important you consider your options carefully. And if you owe debt to family and friends that you can’t repay, you’ll know why. Debt with friends or family is different […]

How To Get Out Of Persistent Debt?

Receiving a letter from your credit card company asking (or suggesting) that you increase your minimum payment each month may come as a shock. After all, you are paying what they ask, so what’s the problem? The official line of […]

Are Women Finally Getting Equal Pay in the UK?

Women equal pay

It has been well over five decades since women started fighting for gender equality throughout all levels of society in the United Kingdom. In many respects, great strides have been made in this area. There have been several women Prime […]